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building Construction

PCES N.V and Foundation

Build your own sustainable future


Preconsu will execute its products and services in a socially responsible manner. We will create new services for market segments to reduce the negative environmental impact of businesses, such as promoting the reuse of waste materials, optimizing logistics, operational processes, and developing green products. Furthermore, we are committed to establishing prefab homes and offices with renewable energy.

Preconsu Foundation is a Green investment foundation.

We are a socially responsible organization dedicated to reducing the negative environmental impact of businesses as well as our own products and services. Our primary focus is on SDG13, Climate Action, and we specialize as Carbon Offset Project Developers.

PCES N.V, we have intentionally chosen to leverage our experience in manufacturing

prefab houses, offices and workspaces and apply it to diverse sectors and a broader range of applications. Our comprehensive knowledge of materials, construction-methods and finishing possibility, make us a flexible partner for anyone seeking a high- quality prefab constructions.

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Due to the choice of materials, an extension or superstructure and other constructions from Preconsu Foundation are not only 100% sustainable, they are also 120% circular.


How can you be more than 100% circular, we hear you ask?

Simple: due to the modular construction of our buildings, all elements can be reused in other constructions for years to come, even if the nature of the building differs.

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