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About Us

Preconsu Foundation

PCES N.V, we have intentionally chosen to leverage our experience in manufacturing

prefab houses, offices and workspaces and apply it to diverse sectors and a broader range of applications. Our comprehensive knowledge of materials, construction-methods and finishing possibility, make us a flexible partner for anyone seeking a high- quality prefab constructions.



Our goal is to build modoern and affordable construction buildings and provide these with sustainable technical construction elements, that are supplied with renewable energy.


We attach great importance to the personal growth of our employees and the sustainability of companies, as well as our services. Creating awareness among our customers about how they can be environmentally friendly, succesful and how to create green investments

Mission & Vision

Management Team


Vanessa Souda

Managing director

WhatsApp Image 2022-05-18 at 9.45_edited.jpg

Rogier Mahangi 

Operational director


Pearl Corte

Financial manager

"Our goal is to help people, save the planet and have a better future."

Management Team

Events & Awards

National Entrepreneurship World Cup 2021

We became the 1st runner-up and this journey was a great experience. We were honored to pitch about our affordable prefabricated housing from AIM Industrial Solutions N.V. & Preconsu Foundation.

Registration link for Participation Climathon Suriname.

To participate use the following link:

Join Suriname Climathon

These initiatives lay the foundation for projects and community activation.

Global Entrepreneurship

World Cup 2021

We had this event in honors of Global entrepreneurship world cup week. Also an event that highlights Preconsu Foundation and what can be expected in the future.

Preconsu Green Week 2023

Date to be Announced!

Green Week empowers you to engage sustainability-focused projects and activities.

Green Week is just one of many initiatives to support Assignment: Earth, our holistic commitment to addressing the impacts of climate change and creating a more sustainable future.

Events & Awards

Youth Information Fair 2023

14 - 16 Juli 2023

the youth information fair is organized

Information an education are the building blocks of our nation

SEOGS 2024

4-6 Juni 2024

Your partner in Suriname from A to Net Zero

Our easy-to-use tools make climate action even more accessible

for businesses and individuals.

We're excited to share insights on our professional services and connect with you.

Upcoming events

June 3, 2023 - Preconsu green event

November 13 - 19, 2023 - Global Entrepeneurship week

20 July 2024- Youth Summit Suriname 2024

Part-Time and Internship


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